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Automotive switch


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electric x-ray image automotive switch

  X-ray image: Springs and contacts inside an automotive switch

The automotive industry attaches great importance to the quality assurance. Digital x-ray imaging is used in the research and development, as well as in the production. A very good application is to check, for example, electrical components by digital x-ray inspection on completeness and a correct assembly of the single components.

  Possibilities of inspection:
cable disruptions / defective connections / missing components / assembly imperfections / disruptions in spring parts / faulty soldering joints


Water heater


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electric x-ray image water heater

  X-ray image: Water heater with broken helical filament

Due to digital x-ray imaging well visible: The broken filament of a water heater, as well as the positions of the single components   (e. g. the distance between the helical filament and the casing).

  Possibilities of inspection:
wire disruptions / cable disruptions / position of components / missing components / defective connections



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