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Heating element 2 (round)


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electric x-ray image heating element 2

  X-ray image: Filament of a heating rod

For the quality assurance of heating elements it is possible to diagnose a direct contact between the filament and the outer wall by electrical measurements. But electric measuring methods can not give any information about the distance between the filament and the outer wall. However, the position of the filament can clearly be seen on the x-ray image. Only by the use of digital x-ray cameras a fast and efficient x-ray inspection becomes realisable.

  Possibilities of inspection:
cable disruption / pinch-off of the filament / defective joints / wrong position of the filament


Cable connector


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  X-ray image: Cable connector with a disrupted cable

The digital x-ray inspection does not only play an important role in the quality assurance in the production. It also offers very good possibilities of defect analysis. For example, a disrupted lead in a connection cable becomes visible in the x-ray image.

  Possibilities of inspection:
cable disruptions / short circuits / faulty soldering joints



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