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Aluminum casting 1


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material x-ray image aluminium casting 1

  X-ray image: Shrinkage cavity in an aluminum casting (1)

The inspection of castings is a classic application example for non-destructive testing (NDT). There are many different methods for material testing. But the digital x-ray inspection is due to its digital ability of automation and its economic efficiency a future-oriented method of non-destructive testing.

  Possibilities of inspection:
shrinkage cavity / lack of material / porousness / cracks / form divergences / inclusions


Aluminum casting 2


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x-ray image aluminum casting 2

  X-ray image: Blowholes in an aluminum casting (2)

This digital x-ray image also clearly shows blowholes in an aluminum casting. The digital x-ray inspection offers the possibility to discover and to analyze several sources of trouble in only one single examination process.

  Possibilities of inspection:
blowholes / porousness /  inclusions / cracks / form divergences



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