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Injection moulded plastic parts


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material x-ray image plastic parts

  X-ray image: Blowholes in plastic parts

Blowholes are undesirable air inclusions in the material structure. Caused by blowholes a weakening of the cross section arises and reduces the needed stability of the material. For the identification of blowholes and other defects the digital x-ray inspection is brought into action more and more frequently for a fast and efficient non-destructive testing method for quality assurance.

  Possibilities of inspection:
lack of material / cracks / blowholes / contaminants and inclusions / porousness / form divergences


Turbine blades


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material x-ray image aluminium casting 5

  X-ray image: Wax forms for turbine blades

Modern turbine blades are equipped with channels or channel systems, through which cooling air blows during the operation. Due to the warped geometry, an ultrasound measurement is often very difficult. Digital x-ray inspection is suitable for testing the turbine blades on wall thickness, cracks and errors in the cooling system.

  Possibilities of inspection:
damages / contaminants and inclusions / cracks / blockages or interruptions of the channel system



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