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Wood and timber


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material x-ray image wood and timber

  X-ray image: Wood structure in timber

For the wood working industry it is very important to be able to judge the quality structure and the condition of the wood already before the processing. Digital x-ray inspection offers the possibility to identify and to sort out promptly wood stocks of inferior quality or to transfer them to other processing possibilities.

  Possibilities of inspection:
structure / contaminants and inclusions (e. g. shell splinters) / hollow spaces / decay / knots


Tubes and pipelines


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x-ray image tubes and pipelines

  X-ray image: Crack in a copper pipe

In order to guarantee the security, for example in the chemical industry, oil industry or in nuclear power plants, tubes and pipelines have to be checked not only during the production, but also in the regular operation. Particularly at insulated or jacketed tubes, x-ray imaging is often the only applicable method of non-destructive testing. The costs for the tube inspection can be reduced to a minimum by the digital x-ray inspection.

  Possibilities of inspection:
wall thickness measurements / cracks / inclusions / shrinkage cavity / porousness / corrosion



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