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Image Quality Indicator


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material x-ray image duplex wire

  X-ray image : Duplex wire  EN462-5 / ASTM E 2002

  Information :
The duplex wire EN462-5 is used to determine the spatial resolution of x-ray systems. This x-ray image was taken wih the digital x-ray linescan camera SEZ T3 without magnification and clearly shows the high resolution of the camera. Duplex wire 10D can be seen.


Weld inspection


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material x-ray image weld inspection

  X-ray image: Welding seam on a steel plate

A main point for the quality assurance of many industrial areas is the quality of welding seams. A fast and efficient quality control is often not attainable by conventional methods. But blowholes, interruptions and structure defects can be identified fast and reliable by the use of the digital x-ray technology.

  Possibilities of inspection:
cracks / holes / interruptions- and structure defects / longitudinal- and cross-sectional defects / insufficient welding / inclusions



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