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Aluminum casting 3


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material x-ray image aluminium casting 5

  X-ray image : Blowholes in an aluminum casting (3)

  Information :
The market for aluminum castings is steadily growing. Especially at safety critical parts (like castings for the automotive industry) the manufacturers have to certify the product integrity to their customers. Blowholes and other concealed faults in the aluminum casting can cause acute danger for the end user. Digital x-ray inspection allows 100% in-line testing to fulfill the demands for zero failure rates.

  Possibilities of inspection:
blowholes / porousness /  inclusions / cracks / form divergences


Angle grinder cutting disc


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x-ray image angle grinder cutting disc

  X-ray image: Grinding disc with material fault

Another example for a safety critical part is this grinding disc: While the disc visually seems to be faultless, the x-ray image clearly shows a serious fault in form of a material weakness. The fault can lead to a breaking of the grinding disc during operation and therefore to severe injury of the worker. A 100% digital x-ray inspection can eliminate the risk of bad grinding discs.

  Possibilities of inspection:
missing glass fiber / cracks / porousness / form divergences / inclusions



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