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Archeological artefact


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  X-ray image: Strongly incrusted archeological locket

For the archeology the x-raying of objects represents an important part of restoring measures. The digital x-ray inspection enables the archeologist to identify for a variety of findings. Especially at heavily incrusted or corroded objects, it serves as a decision basis about further restoring measures at the finding. Decorations and manufacturing techniques can be proved very well, as you can see on the x-ray image.

  Possibilities of inspection:
identification / condition of the material and the object


Geological research


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x-ray image coral

  X-ray image: Cut through a coral

Biologists can draw conclusions from annual rings of trees regarding the climate development. In the same way, oceanographer use the growth rings of corals in order to get information about the changes in environmental conditions. However, the growth rings are not visible straight away. As an alternative to chemical processes the digital x-ray inspection offers possibilities for the exact analysis of growth rings.

  Possibilities of inspection:
structure / growth rings / damages



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