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x-ray image art painting

  X-ray image: Madonna with the Infant Jesus

In the past historical paintings have sometimes been painted over by other artists. The motives for this procedure were different: Some artists could notafford new canvases. But also, old paintings have often been painted over in order to produce fakes on chronological authentic canvas. Due to the different composition of the old and the new colours, x-ray technology makes it possible to find out, whether there is an older painting behind the visible one. As paintings are in general much bigger than x-ray films, the x-raying of paintings with conventional methods means considerable effort. This effort can be reduced to a minimum by the use of NTB's x-ray cameras.

To x-ray paintings and sculptures we specially developed the
ART X-RAY system. For more information click here: www.artxray.com


  Possibilities of inspection:
examination of authenticity, classification


Surprise egg


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x-ray image chocolate egg

  X-ray image: Chocolate egg with surprise toy inside

This x-ray image shows a chocolate egg with a plastic hippopotamus inside. On closer look you can recognise a hippopotamus baby beneath the big hippopotamus. Though this image is lacking of practical relevance, it acts as an example for the various possibilities of digital x-ray technology.

  Possibilities of inspection:
That is up to your imagination.



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