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The company NTB was founded in 1995 and is active today throughout the world.  NTB develops and produces digital linescan x-ray cameras and x-ray scanners for use in research and in quality assurance. On customer's request, the cameras can be produced in tailor-made lengths or in special forms. High flexibility is guaranteed by the in-house division for hardware and software development. Experience, motivation and reliability of the employees guarantee a constant high level of product quality.

The product range covers the entire application spectrum from research and development through sampling inspection to 100% quality control at production line speed. For example porosities may be found in castings, or faults in manufactured products become evident. Measurements on prototypes are possible as well as completeness checks on ready-packed products.  NTB x-ray cameras can also be used in many other applications. Art history and biotechnology are only two examples.

Digital x-ray systems allow a simple and fast imaging without chemicals and time-consuming film development. Smaller laboratory applications are well-suited to the use of a digital x-ray scanner in an x-ray cabinet. Linescan cameras can be used in many different x-ray systems. The scanning procedure provides high-resolution x-ray images with a practically unlimited image size.  Even with large objects on assembly-line applications, the smallest details are visible. Also the negative influence of scattered rays on the image quality is not an issue when using x-ray linescan cameras. The images have a higher contrast than those taken by area detectors.  NTB x-ray linescan cameras are amongst the highest quality detectors on the global market. They distinguish themselves by: a high resolution of 12 pixels per millimeter, a long lifetime through the use of fiber optics and special tungsten alloys, a high dynamic range through CMOS technology, robust and compact workmanship.

"NTB - Time to go digital!"



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