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  The outstanding performance of the NTB digital linear x-ray camera is achieved by the use of the unique and revolutionary x-ray sensitive detector developed by NTB. A scanning operation, in which either the specimen (2) or the camera (1) plus x-ray source (4) are progressively advanced, generates a 2D image line by line (object length determines the scanning distance). During the scanning process ultra fast A/D converters digitize the detector signals and generate a 12 bit (=4096 greylevels) image on the screen (5).

digital x-ray linescan camera principle
    (1) camera    (2) object    (3) x-ray beam    (4) x-ray tube   (5) x-ray images

  Compared to regular film based x-ray systems, NTB's digital x-ray cameras have a significant higher dynamic range. Where an x-ray film is totally over- or underexposed, the SEZ cameras still deliver high quality x-ray images. Consequently, objects composed of varied materials or objects with large thickness differences may be scanned in one single process. The x-ray images on the screen can directly be zoomed and enhanced for detailed evaluations or measurements. The scanned images can be archived, incorporated in reports or electronically transmitted.

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