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Functional principle >>         
x-ray manipulator 
          Extends SEZ camera
             systems by a controller for
             stepper motors 
            Minimizes the development
             expenditures for scanning
          Smooth movement
(5000 steps per revolution)
            Compatible to all cameras
             of the SEZ Series  
          Fully integrated into iX-Pect
            With or without manipulator
             (linear sliding table)  

  The MCU extends the linescan x-ray camera systems of the SEZ series by an efficient controller for high resolution stepper motors. Thereby the expenditure for the development of individual scanning devices are reduced to a minimum.

  To take images with a linescan x-ray camera, the object has to be scanned. There are two possibilities for a scanning device: A – The object (product) which should be inspected is moved between the x-ray camera and the x-ray source. B – The object (product) is located between the x-ray camera and the x-ray source. The camera and the source are moved synchronously, while the object remains motionless.

  At some applications, for example at conveyor belt productions, the object is moved anyway, so the x-ray system can be integrated directly into the production process. But for other applications, it is necessary to build a manipulator for the movement during the scanning process. The MCU was especially designed for this kind of applications.

  The MCU serves as link between the PC and the linear x-ray camera, and also controls a stepper motor. The stepper motor drives a linear sliding table to manipulate the object or respectively the x-ray tube and the x-ray camera. The PC merely sends some control signals to the MCU in order to start the movement. The MCU independently generates all control signals for the stepper motor and checks the movement. At the same time, the MCU reads out the image data of the camera and pass them to the PC.

  The connected stepper motor is operated by the MCU in substep-mode with 5000 steps per revolution (0.072°/step). Thereby it is possible to achieve a smooth movement even at slow speeds.

  The MCU can be provided as complete system including the linear sliding table and stepper motor or as system component (with stepper motor, but without linear sliding table). The MCU is fully integrated into NTB's x-ray imaging software iX-Pect.

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