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Technical data >>         
digital x-ray scanner 
          Low operating costs
             no film and no processing 
            Wide dynamic range
             12 bit A/D conversion
          Large scanning area
up to 471 mm x 471 mm
            Easy to use
             with intuitive software 
          High resolution
             12 pixel/mm = 83 µm 

  The new generation of x-ray scanners EZ 240 to EZ 480 allow the user to take high quality digital x-ray images. All scanners of the EZ series offer high resolution and wide dynamic range simultaneously.

  The x-ray scanner eliminates  the need for film processing. No overhead costs for film, chemicals and waste disposal. No costs for additional equipment like film processor or light box.

  Acquired images are instantly displayed on the connected PC, where the integrated software provides user-friendly functions to evaluate, process and store the images. The robust mechanics combined with the compact design makes the scanners suitable for laboratory use as well as for industrial applications.

  Using intern networks and the world wide web allow fast and easy transfer of acquired images to different spheres of competence.

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