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medical x-ray image bone

  X-ray image:
Slice of a bone (knee, 7 mm thickness) with tumor

A frequent x-ray application in the pathology is the examination of bone- or tissue samples for metastases. During the operative removal of tumors, for example, it has to be guaranteed, that the complete tumor has been removed. For this purpose x-ray images are made from the taken tissue / bone. If the metastases extend to the edge of the samples, not enough tissue- or bone mass has been removed.

  Possibilities of inspection:
tissue / damages / metastases




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medical x-ray image mouse

  X-ray image: skeleton of a mouse

Digital x-ray imaging is very advantageous for the use in the medical research, pharmacy and pathology, because all image data can be digitally processed and archieved (catalogued) very easily. There are no costs for film and chemicals. The NTB x-ray scanners (EZ 240 - EZ 480) offer optimal conditions for laboratories and research departments.

  Possibilities of inspection:
tissue / structure of bones / pathology



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