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Printed circuit board (PCB) 2


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electronic x-ray image printed circuit board

  X-ray image: Printed circuit board with standard components

There are several different error sources in printed circuit boards which can be found with digital x-ray inspection: Misaligned layers of multilayer PCBs, bad solder connections and disrupted conducting paths are only three examples.

  Possibilities of inspection:
incorrect position of conductor paths / faulty soldering joints / point of breaks in the printed circuit board / incomplete assembly


Energy-saving lamp


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electronic x-ray image energy saving lamp

  X-ray image: Socket of an energy-saving lamp

The electric bulb is a typical example for non-destructive testing (NDT). If it is opened, it will immediately be useless. Even if a quality assurance with digital x-ray inspection is not always necessary during the production, it is possible to analyze and evaluate defects in the research & development or in the production process.

  Possibilities of inspection:
defective filament wire / cable disruptions / defective connections / incomplete components / defective glass globe / missing components / defective assembly



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